SBCT – small business consulting trainings

Do you start a business or do you already have an existing business and some parts of the business as well ans legislation are not clear to you? Join SBCT to get training for small business. Based on our experience, years of practice, and demand, our consulting-accounting company bringing you weekly or biweekly regular training and courses on corporate governance, legislation, legislative changes, new business knowledge and skills, as well as business practices, where we can take your challenges and find solutions for them.

We know very well that small and medium-sized companies do not have the opportunity to use the experience of their management, and managing their companies are in most cases dependent on themselves, without the possibility of expert advice. The training and courses are suitable for all company owners, managers or directors, we offer them in a pleasant office place in a group of 8-10 members, so we can better explain the different parts of legislation and consult each other on your challenges. This will ensure regular information and advice that would otherwise cost considerable money. The courses are divided into individual groups according to their difficulty as well as knowledge of Slovak legislation, laws and business.

The aim of the course is to avoid rude or bad decisions that could in some cases have liquid consequences for companies. Our goal is to make your business easier. Courses and trainings are offered in Slovak and English language which is a great advantage for foreign entrepreneurs, for whom it is very difficult to orientate in Slovak laws and legislation.

Regular prices of professional training are offered in Slovak language from 350 EUR. You have a special price from 75 EUR / m.

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