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Accounting and financial consulting

Proper accounting prepared the basis for the smooth running of any business, so we offer a complete…
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Payroll and human resources

Inseparable part of the economic department’s payroll and human resources…
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Business and financial consulting

Based on the cooperation with the leading financial institutions we are able to offer our customers…
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Tax consulting

Our experts provide clients with complex tax advisory services according to the requirements and needs…
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Accounting reconstruction

Among other activities, our company also deals with the auditing of the accounts for the previous financial years, which may arise…
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Service for clients

Establishment or changes in company, possibly liquidation is a process that necessitates…
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About us

MKMs Ltd. is consulting and accounting company, providing services in accounting, payroll, tax, finance and comprehensive services for the client. Currently we are operating in the Slovak Republic and its scope gradually expanded.

Our team is characterized by long-term experience and the high level of their qualifications, which guarantees professional care and comfort to our clients. We provide services to companies and individuals from different business areas. In the portfolio, we have not only domestic businessmen but also companies with foreign participation. The quality of our work is continuously improved by completing the training and skill of our people.

More than 10 years of experience, more than 500,000 documents posted more than 1,000 edited payrolls, hours accounting and tax consulting assigns us among the professionals.

Our company, are here for you, so that you may be able to consecrate to your business. We welcome you in a pleasant environment of our company where we always find enough time for you.


Financial advice

What is financial advice?
Financial advice is the consulting service, which helps fit specific questions to clients, which they cannot council with. It is for example method of accounting, valuation or recognition of some economic activity.

How does it work in our company?
Client adress us personally, by phone or by e-mail with his question. The ideal is to get the most accurate description of his problem.

What is the result?
Our consultant will provide written or oral opinion in form which will be enough understandable for client.

What is needs by client’s side?
Client should to describe his problem the most correctly, so that he got understandable answer or potential solution of his problem and also he can choose, what form he want to chce receive the answer. (by mail alebo personally).

What is accounting and why is it needed?

In theoretical plane of accounting we face the four basic functions of accounting, a documentary function, information function, monitoring function and decision-making functions. The main rule which governs accounting in Slovakia Act. 431/2002 Coll.

• documentation function: documenting the “corporate events” through the accounting documents and records , expressed in numerical terms
• information function: accounting documentation provides information for individual users on the current status of the company: information is important for the owners, management, banks,
• monitoring function: state of accounting information is used for evaluation of the performance and profitability.
• decision making function: this function can make the right decisions for the development of the company on the basis of correct information from accounting

Tax advice

What is it tax advice?
Tax advice is a summary of services in accounting, employment law, contracts, relationships with suppliers and customers, etc.

How does it work in our society?
Based on a personal consultation with customers and the establishment of the problem, we set the tax factor of the problem itself and then work out a solution. If necessary, we cooperate with other professionals in the field of taxation. Our goal is to get a final opinion and solution options that are then presented to the client.

Business advice

What is it business advice?
Business advice is among the most frequently used by starting companies that need help with administrative tasks in their establishment, naming the target groups and competitors, or potential future contacts with business partners and so on.How does it work in our society?
Advice for entrepreneurs usually contains several personal meetings where the issue is raised, the objectives and requirements are outlined for the consultant. We provide the solution by ourselves or in cooperation with other professionals to whom we turn in case of major problems, so that we provide the most effective solution tailored to the needs for each client.

Setting up a company & Ready made

How long it takes to establish a new Ltd.?
Estimated time to establish a new limited liability company resides mostly within 15 working days of receipt of all necessary documents for the founding of the company from the client. After receiving a trade license, the new company incorporates into the trade register. After incorporation to the trade register, registration with the tax authorities is needed and then the client can start a business in selected business subjects.It is possible to start a company without a personal meeting?
We can found a company without a prior meeting. All the necessary documents will be sent to you by mail.What is a ready made company?
“Ready Made” company is a company, which has already been established with purpose of sale to new owners. It did not carry out any business activity. Such a company already has its own ID and VAT and is ready for immediate use.

What is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activity?

§ 2 of the Act no. 513/1991 Zb./ ‘the Commercial Code / defines entrepreneurship as follows:
• Entrepreneurship means sustained activity carried out independently in their own businesses name and on their own responsibility for profit.
• Entrepreneurs under this Act:
a. person entered in the Commercial Register,
b. a person who does business under the trade license,
c. a person who operates on the basis of other than trade license according to special regulations,
d. natural person engaged in agricultural production and is registered according to a special regulation.
• Headquarters of legal entity and place of business of a natural person is an address, which is like a residence or place of business registered in the Commercial Register or the Trade Register or other register according to special legislation. Legal or natural person must demonstrate that it has the property or part of it, the address of which is as its registered office or place of business registered in the Commercial Register or in the Trade Register or other register according to special legislation, the right of ownership or right of use to use property or part of it as a residence or place of business does not preclude, or with the owner of the property or part of the registration of the property or part of it as a residence or place of business in the commercial Register, the trade Register or other register pursuant to special legislation.
• Address means the name of the village/city and it’s postcode, street name or name of other public space and orientation number or registration number, if the village is divided into streets.
• residence of a natural person means the address of its permanent residence under a special regulation.


Video courses

Do you want to learn? Learn something new? Acquire new knowledge and skills, or ...
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Kompletný servis pre podnikateľov
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Podnikanie je komplex viacerých činností, ktorých služby je potrebné poskytovať kvalitne. Medzi základné patrí dobre realizovaný marketing, logistika, sklady, reklamácie, kvalitne vyškolený predajcovia, či optimalizovaný e-shop.

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