Proper accounting prepared the basis for the smooth running of any business, so we offer a complete accounting service. Services are provided in Slovak and English language.

Within this framework, we are providing in particular:

• management of single or double-entry bookkeeping,

• a comprehensive representation of clients before tax authorities and other institutions,

• reconstruction of accounting,

• annual accounts and reports,

• validation of input data as it is processed for tax purposes,

• following the accounting prepare tax returns,

• prepare summary reports,


• payroll and recruitment services,

• quarterly and annual overview of advances withheld and paid on income from employment,

• organizational consulting and various administrative work.

With our clients we work exclusively under a contract in which they agree on mutual terms and obligations of both parties, such as deadlines for thetransmission of documents to draw up exit documents, billingmethod, and the like.

When handing over the final client’s accounting documents and the report to be prepared according to our internal standards for eventual control in the future.

All this is provided in a pleasant environment with a thorough knowledge of business and a friendly approach to clients, identification with their interests, high professional level and quality of service.