The price for our services determined based on the requirements and emands of individual clients. The complete price offer is submitted after a personal meeting. So do not hesitate to contact us.

Setting up a company

Service name Price
Establishment Ltd.  500 €
Establishment a.s. 1600 €
Establishment org. legal enities  699 €

Selling companies

Service name Price
Selling “ready made” Ltd. – VAT non-payer   from 599 €
Selling “ready made” Ltd. – VAT payer from 2 700 €
Selling companies with history – VAT payer from 3 500 €

Registered office

Headquarters for your company in Bratislava – city part Ružinov Price
Headquarters office of the company for 3 years 648,- EUR = 18€ / month
Company registered office for 2 years 528, – EUR = 22€ / month
Headquarters office of the company for 1 year 312, – EUR = 26€ / month
The price includes
Registered office for the company
Mark the mailbox in the building in question
Collection and storage of paper documents
Acknowledgment of received shipments by e-mail or sms notification immediately after delivery
Sending of mail, including postal delivery to the agreed address once a week (in SR)
Scan your shipments in an unlimited number
Forwarding of consignments outside Slovakia within the EU 1 x per month
Our office is working as your contact address (business address) and works as your own secretariat

Price list is available from 01.07.2017