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Consulting and Accounting Company

Corporate services by MKMs


- accounting services
- monthly accounting
- yearly accounting
- tax returns
- VAT tax returns
- annual reports
- VAT ID registration

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Payroll and human resources

- monthly wages
- human resources
- labour law matters in
   accordance with the current
   Labour Code
- drafting employment contracts
- application for deregistration,
   social health insurance
- representation at inspections

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Accounting reconstruction

Accounting reconstruction is performed solely at the request and consent of the client. The price is set individually. The return of double-entry and single-entry bookkeeping is done in accordance with applicable Laws of the Slovak republic:

- processing, accounting and
   assessment of accounting
   documents, their eligibility for
   tax purposes
- management accounts
   receivables and payables
- VAT registration
- the annual financial
   statements including annexes
   under current legislation
- design a basis for granting
   income tax
- preparation of tax return
   including annexes (balance
   sheet, income statement, cash
   flow and notes to the financial
- establishing an amending tax

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Company registration

- ready-made companies
- tailor-made companies
- branch office of a foreign
- nonprofit organizations

All services are available also remotely (without visiting Slovakia).

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Ready Made company

Buying a ready made company is the easy way to start your business today!

- Ltd. non VAT payer
- Ltd VAT payer

This service is intended for people who need to have a company ready in a very short period of time.

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Virtual office services

All the virtual office services you need to professionally operate a business in Slovakia. Hassle-free, affordable, and designed to help your business become more successful.

- mark the mailbox in the
- collection and storage of paper
- acknowledgment of received
   shipments by e-mail or sms
- sending of mail, including
   postal delivery to the agreed
- scan your shipments in an
   unlimited number

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Business and financial consulting

- cashflow and workflow
- development of a business or
   strategic plan
- improving business
   performance through good
- market analysis
- advice on company formation
- preparation of documents for
   applicants loan fund or other
- drafting internal company

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Tax consulting

- consultation on tax issues
- draw up a written opinion on
   the tax problems of the client
- representation before the tax
   authorities in tax proceedings
- providing information on
   current changes in tax laws
- the development of all types of
   tax returns
- optimization of tax liabilities
- tax advice on the creation,
   liquidation or merger of
   businesses (bankruptcy)

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