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Business and financial consulting

Based on the cooperation with the leading financial institutions we are able to offer our customers the best conditions for the financing of its activities, which are selected individually and in accordance with customer needs.

We offer services:

• develop a business or strategic plan,

• increasing company performance through good governance,

• market analysis,

• implementing accounts of customers,

• advice on company formation,

• preparation of financial analysis or obtaining funding for the project,

• preparation of documents for leasing companies,

• preparation of documents for applicants loan fund or other sources,

• developing internal directives.

Tax consulting

• consultation on tax issues taxpayers,

• draw up a written opinion on the tax problems of the client,

• representation before the tax authorities in tax proceedings,

• providing information on current changes in tax laws,

• the development of all types of tax returns,

• optimization of tax liabilities client,

• tax advice on the creation, liquidation or merger of businesses (bankruptcy).

Our experts provide clients with complex tax advisory services according to the requirements and customer needs.

Service for clients

Establishment or changes in company, possibly liquidation is a process that necessitates knowledge of the relevant legislation. The process is difficult and in many cases requires considerable knowledge and experience

Novice as well as experienced entrepreneurs such knowledge in many cases do not have the time and also to circumvent all the necessary offices and institutions.

Therefore our company as one of the few provides services, such as:

• establishment ltd,

• purchase and sale of the ltd,

• changes in ltd,

• liquidation,

• rental office to our clients – company seats,

• archiving of documents,

• representation of the client according to the needs.

Thanks to our partners we are able to offer you:

• provide financial and legal services,

• as well official and unofficial translations.


Consultancy services 30 € / hour
Consultancy services – in english language 50 € / hour
Administrative services 22 € / hour
Tax advice 80 € / hour
Tranfer documentation from 300 €