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Accountancy assistance and accounting

Proper accounting prepared the basis for the smooth running of any business, so we offer a complete accounting service. Services are provided in Slovak and English language.

Within this framework, we are providing in particular:

• management of single or double-entry bookkeeping,

• a comprehensive representation of clients before tax authorities and other institutions,

• reconstruction of accounting,

• annual accounts and reports,

• validation of input data as it is processed for tax purposes,

• following the accounting prepare tax returns,

• prepare summary reports,


• payroll and recruitment services,

• quarterly and annual overview of advances withheld and paid on income from employment,

• organizational consulting and various administrative work.

With our clients we work exclusively under a contract in which they agree on mutual terms and obligations of both parties, such as deadlines for thetransmission of documents to draw up exit documents, billingmethod, and the like.

When handing over the final client’s accounting documents and the report to be prepared according to our internal standards for eventual control in the future.

All this is provided in a pleasant environment with a thorough knowledge of business and a friendly approach to clients, identification with their interests, high professional level and quality of service.

Payroll and human resources

Inseparable part of the economic department’s is payroll and human resources. We provide comprehensive services to our clients have with them as little trouble and can concentrate fully on your business.

We offer:

• drafting employment contracts (or the relevant agreement),

• an application to the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies,

• by proxy to act on behalf to the relevant tax authority, social security and health insurance,

• represent you at the controls of the tax office, social security, and health insurance,

• ensure all employment related matters in accordance with the applicable Labour Code,

• the various agreements at the request of the client (eg. an agreement on material accountability, and so on.),

• continuous payroll in the development of employment,

• elevant confirmation the level of income.

Accounting reconstruction

Among other activities our company also deals with control of the accounting for the past financial years, which may arise:

• errors in accounting,

• missing important accounting documents,

• incorrect calculation of profit, miscalculated and paid taxes.

Accounting reconstruction is performed solely at the request and consent of the client. The price is set individually. The return of double-entry and single-entry bookkeeping is done in accordance with applicable Laws of the Slovak republic:

• processing, accounting and assessment of accounting documents, their eligibility for tax purposes,

• management accounts receivables and payables,

• VAT registration,

• the annual financial statements including annexes under current legislation,

• design a basis for granting income tax,

• preparation of tax return including annexes (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and notes to the financial statements),

• establishing an amending tax returns.

Price list of our services

The price for our services is determined on the basis of the requirements and demands of individual clients, which we assess individually. The price offer depends on the size of the accounting agenda, the number of employees, the type of services and other parameters.

Single-entry accounting

The price of the monthly flat rate includes:
• processing of the cash reconciliation
• keeping a book of receivables and payables
• keeping a cash book and a bank
• property records
• max. 100 accounting documents / month

from 100 €
Double-entry accounting

The price of the monthly flat rate includes:
• processing of the accounting book and the general ledger
• keeping a book of receivables and payables
• keeping a cash book and a bank
• property records
• max. 100 accounting documents / month

from 135 €
Procesing of VAT and control report

• VAT tax return/VAT summary statement – correction
• preparation of a VAT recapitulative statement

from 22 €

In price is include:
• preparing a payslip
• monthly report to the tax office
• monthly report for social insurance
• monthly report for health insurances

from 13 €
Tax return statement of the corporation tax from 350 €

You are interested in the offer of our services?

In addition to quality work, we are also aware of the importance of the price for the services we provide. If you are interested in the offer of our services, we will be happy if you contact us or send us a request for a price offer. A detailed form would help us a lot. Subsequently, we will contact you with a price offer. We look forward to working with you.